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TRAI has taken a series of measures in the recent past for curbing the menace of UCC (Unsolicited Commercial Communication). It issued “The Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulations, 2010” on 1st December 2010, which came into force from 27th September 2011.

Subsequently, for addressing the operational issues and for tightening the regulatory framework, a number of amendments have been issued to the principal regulations besides issue of a number of directions. The Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference (Tenth Amendment) Regulations, 2012 has been issued to further tighten the regulatory framework, especially relating to commercial SMS from unregistered telemarketers.

Some of the provisions of these regulations are:-

  • Presently service providers offer a large number of concessional SMS packs and tariff plans for bulk SMS users.  These SMS packs and tariff plans are being misused by unregistered telemarketers to send promotional SMSs to consumers.
  • To prevent  unregistered telemarketers from misusing such SMS packs or tariff plans for sending bulk promotional SMSs,  a price restraint has been placed  on sending of more than one hundred SMS per day per SIM at a concessional rate.
  • The subscriber is free to send SMSs beyond this number, however, all such SMSs sent beyond one hundred SMS per day per SIM shall be charged at a rate not lower than the rate prescribed by the Authority.  The Authority through the Telecommunication Tariff (Fifty Fourth Amendment) Order, 2012 has prescribed a tariff of minimum fifty paise for such SMSs beyond the limit of 100 SMS per day



Mobile phone customers in the country cannot send more than 100 SMSes per day from one SIM card from September 27 onwards. As per the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) guidelines, SMSes restricted to 100 per day from per SIM and 101th text message will stay put in the outbox of the cell phone. According to the guidelines, pre-paid mobile customer can send 100 SMSes per SIM in a day, while it is 3000 SMEes per month for postpaid.

The TRAI, which is planning to end the menace of unsol icited commercial calls and SMSes from 27 of this month, said that it has the right to relax this norm during special day when mobile phone customers may be allowed to send more than 100 SMEes per day like festival days.

Cellphone service providers have already started informing their customers about the new restriction and most of the companies have announced to implement this from September 20 itself. The restriction is likely to hit the telecom companies, as their revenue from SMSes will be erode.

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