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Zone wise MNP Requests November 2014 ( in Mn)
Zone 1
Service Area No of MNP requests
Delhi 5.43
Gujarat 11.51
Himachal Pradesh 5.15
Haryana 0.48
Jammu & Kashmir 0.03
Maharashtra 10.61
Mumbai 7.62
Punjab 4.84
Rajasthan 13.63
UP East 7.21
UP West 7.09
Total Zone 1 73.60
Zone 2
Service Area No of MNP requests
Andhra Pradesh 13.17
Assam 0.46
Bihar 3.2
Karnataka 15.72
Kerala 5.07
Kolkotta 3.2
Madhya Pradesh 8.13
North East 0.24
Odisha 2.87
Tamil Nadu 8.45
West Bengal 5.38
Total Zone 2 65.89
Total All India 139.49

MNP Porting Requests Status May 2011

As per TRAI reports, about 105.70 lakh susbcribers have submitted their requests to different service providers for porting their mobile number.  The status of MNP requests in various service areas is given below. Read the rest of this entry »


The number of mobile phone users who have chosen to avail mobile number portability has hit the 10 million mark in about four-and-a-half months since the national launch of mobile number portability in January 2011. Initial results have clearly established an underlying trend that incumbent GSM biggies, led by Vodafone, have been the biggest gainers under this facility. As on May 24, 2011, Vodafone has recorded a net gain of 591,600 new customers followed by the Aditya Birla Group-owned Idea Cellular (590,343) and Bharti Airtel (563,460).

Rcom and BSNL are are the biggest losers so far. However Rcom claims that it is not keen on adding mere numbers, but adding high value customers.

Mobile Number Portability has not made any major impact so far, as only less than 2% of the subscribers have switched operators. However, it looks like there may a reason why the MNP numbers are not really high. There are large numbers of complaints from the customers that Indian Telecom Operators have been rejecting Mobile Number Portability requests from subscribers on flimsy grounds.

Many users have complained to TRAI that their MNP requests are not being entertained by their service providers for reasons like subscriber is having a premium number or for having an outstanding amount on the bill, which sometimes is less than a rupee.

Taking note of user complaints, TRAI has come out with a directive for Telecom Operators which lays down clear basis, only on which a telecom operator is allowed to reject MNP requests.

Reasons why a Telecom Operator can reject MNP requests:

According to TRAI directive, Telcos can reject MNP requests only under following circumstances:

  • Bundled handset offer with a written agreement having an exit clause
  • Corporate connection with a contractual agreement having an exit clause
  • Any contractual agreement with a retail customer against any service / premium number with an “exit clause”
  • The prepaid vanity numbers having an exit clause should come under the contractual obligation category of rejections provided that this aspect has been communicated to the customer prior to his porting and there was a contractual agreement with an exit clause.

TRAI has directed that MNP requests cannot be rejected by Telecom Operator is the outstanding bill of customer is less than a rupee.

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